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Booknerd Problems #3

Booknerd Problems #3

Hey! Today, I wanted to do a short post about a problem I faced yesterday while trying to read. Reading Positions. You try and try and try, trying to get into the best position. Yesterday, I could NOT get comfortable. And, when I did get comfortable, I dropped my book. Then I had to start … Continue reading Booknerd Problems #3

TMI Tag Book Blogger Version

Hello! Today I am going to be doing the TMI Tag, Book Blogger Edition! 1) What fictional character has the best style? Percy Jackson... I don't really know.... PS: I would rather not answer the second question. 3)Ever loved a character but then started hating them? Yes, Mad Eye Moody from the Harry Potter series. … Continue reading TMI Tag Book Blogger Version

New Years Resolution Book Tag

Well, hi there! I hope you guys all had a great new year! I had a pretty good one. I have decided to discontinue Mental Health Week. I will try to make it an annual thing, and maybe recruit bloggers to do it with me. If you would be interested in that comment below your … Continue reading New Years Resolution Book Tag

Tyler Rambles #3

Hi, There! How are you guys doing! I am sorry for disappearing like that I will try to make sure that never happens again. I am in sort of a reading slump and it really stinks! I want to get back into reading but I am having a hard time. I am still currently reading … Continue reading Tyler Rambles #3

Sick Book Tag!

Sick Book Tag!

Why Hello there! So today I stayed home from school sick, and I mostly just binged the Office and yeah... that'sĀ about it. Also, I have decided to start something new soon where I just type about crazy/weird/interesting stuff that happens in my life! So yeah... So today (since I feel like crap) I am going … Continue reading Sick Book Tag!

Millionaire’s Digest!

Hello! I am extremely sorry for the lack of posts recently! I have many reasons but none are valid excuses! Earlier today I got an invite from Millionaire's Digest requesting I join their team! So I accepted. I am going to contact them and clear a few things up and hopefully I will have my … Continue reading Millionaire’s Digest!

Harry Potter Book Tag

Hey there! I found this tag on Joey Graceffa's Youtube channel and I thought it would be fun to do. The Harry Potter Tag Questions Favorite book? Deathly Hallows! It was such a great way to end the series, until the Cursed Child... Favorite movie? Deathly Hallows Part 2, it is just so nostalgic and … Continue reading Harry Potter Book Tag