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TBR Tag… P.S I’m Back… Sorry

Hi... February 27th, my last post...Wow... basically 19 days. That is the longest amount of time I didn't post. That is 11 days until a month. So, today I am doing a tag. The TBR tag to be exact. I am going to begin now... How do you keep track of your TBR pile? I … Continue reading TBR Tag… P.S I’m Back… Sorry

What I got for Christmas!

Hey, guys! How are you doing? So recently it was the holidays. I hope you guys all got what you wanted and are having a great break from school/work whatever. I got a ton of cool things that I wanted to share with you. Also, how these might affect you guys, my followers. Books: The … Continue reading What I got for Christmas!

Tyler Rambles #3

Hi, There! How are you guys doing! I am sorry for disappearing like that I will try to make sure that never happens again. I am in sort of a reading slump and it really stinks! I want to get back into reading but I am having a hard time. I am still currently reading … Continue reading Tyler Rambles #3

A Radio Show!?!?!?

Hi! My brother and I have started a radio show! Titled 'The TJ Show'. My name is Tyler and his is Jacob. Feel free to check it out! Here is the link! https://soundcloud.com/user-369376682/tj-show-episode-one/comment-312186372 I would love it if you check it out! We talk about whatever and you guys can even ask us questions and we … Continue reading A Radio Show!?!?!?

Tyler Rambles #1

Today I am doing something different! This is just a new thing where I will talk about basically anything! Stop Voting Fraud! Okay, so I have been reading Paper Towns. I have been thinking about paper towns and found some cool pictures of some! I have been continuing to work on my Zazzle Shop! If you missed … Continue reading Tyler Rambles #1