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TBR Tag… P.S I’m Back… Sorry

Hi... February 27th, my last post...Wow... basically 19 days. That is the longest amount of time I didn't post. That is 11 days until a month. So, today I am doing a tag. The TBR tag to be exact. I am going to begin now... How do you keep track of your TBR pile? I … Continue reading TBR Tag… P.S I’m Back… Sorry

Booknerd Problems #3

Booknerd Problems #3

Hey! Today, I wanted to do a short post about a problem I faced yesterday while trying to read. Reading Positions. You try and try and try, trying to get into the best position. Yesterday, I could NOT get comfortable. And, when I did get comfortable, I dropped my book. Then I had to start … Continue reading Booknerd Problems #3

Guest Post by author D.E. Haggerty

Hello! For mystery/thriller week I am doing multiple things during this week. In this post D.E. Haggerty is doing a guest post. Here it is! How I ended up writing a cozy mystery series in a bakery   When I wrote my first cozy mystery, Murder, Mystery & Dating Mayhem, I wasn’t actually intending to … Continue reading Guest Post by author D.E. Haggerty

Interview with Author David Kummer

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview David Kummer. He is the author of My Abigail and his newest book, Enden released last month! 1: When you tell people that you are a published author do they often act surprised? Yeah, they do. Most people at my school are like, "I'm gonna read your books! … Continue reading Interview with Author David Kummer

Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix Series Epi. 1-2 Review

Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix Series Epi. 1-2 Review

Hey! Sorry for that really long title but I can't really shorten it. Sorry for being gone for so long. Yesterday was Friday the 13th and that was the release date for the first season of A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. Here is my review for the first two episodes that are based on the … Continue reading Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix Series Epi. 1-2 Review

New Years Resolution Book Tag

Well, hi there! I hope you guys all had a great new year! I had a pretty good one. I have decided to discontinue Mental Health Week. I will try to make it an annual thing, and maybe recruit bloggers to do it with me. If you would be interested in that comment below your … Continue reading New Years Resolution Book Tag

What I got for Christmas!

Hey, guys! How are you doing? So recently it was the holidays. I hope you guys all got what you wanted and are having a great break from school/work whatever. I got a ton of cool things that I wanted to share with you. Also, how these might affect you guys, my followers. Books: The … Continue reading What I got for Christmas!