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Interview with Author Lesley Tither

Hello! Recently I had the privilege to interview Lesley Tither! She writes books that take place mostly in different countries in Europe! Here is her website!¬†http://tottielimejuice.com/books/ She is a very talented writer and I was excited to have this opportunity for the Mystery/Thriller week! For more information on this click¬†here! Now for the interview! (The … Continue reading Interview with Author Lesley Tither

Interview with Author David Kummer

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview David Kummer. He is the author of My Abigail and his newest book, Enden released last month! 1: When you tell people that you are a published author do they often act surprised? Yeah, they do. Most people at my school are like, "I'm gonna read your books! … Continue reading Interview with Author David Kummer

Interview with my Brother!

Hello! Welcome to the 1st actual day of Mental Health week! So this post is for you people who don't see people with certain mental disabilities as actual "normal" people. This post is going to hopefully educate you about this topic. This is not their fault that they have this diagnosis. My brother who is … Continue reading Interview with my Brother!