Booknerd Problems #3

Booknerd Problems #3


Today, I wanted to do a short post about a problem I faced yesterday while trying to read. Reading Positions.

You try and try and try, trying to get into the best position. Yesterday, I could NOT get comfortable. And, when I did get comfortable, I dropped my book. Then I had to start all over again.

download (30).jpg

If I lucky and planets are aligned, I will get the perfect reading spot. Then when I am getting to a good part and I am all warm and cozy, I have to go do the dishes or something. I am really looking forward to moving out.

I know they these things for this issue but I really don’t want to buy something. My favorite reading spot is on my couch or just a hard chair. It sounds painful but I could sit in it and read for hours. And I have done just that. I finished a book from the beginning to the end in my chair in my bedroom.

Now for the quote of the day!

I feel uncomfortable because I’m insecure about who I am.

Trent Reznor

Thanks for reading!

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