Tyler Rambles #4

Tyler Rambles #4


Did you watch the Grammy’s? Were you as disappointed in it as much as I was? Probably not… The only things I really liked about it was Ed Sheeran’s performance, and Twenty One Pilots winning a Grammy. Honestly, they should have won more than one.


Adele and Chance the Rapper really shouldn’t have won the awards they did.

I am really excited because on Tuesday my Echo Dot is arriving. I am so excited to mess around with and listen to music.


Who knows, maybe I’ll Dominos!

I have been listening to Regional at Best and Twenty One Pilots (self titled) a lot lately.

Currently, my favorite song is either Johny Boy or It’s Time to Say Goodbye, and my Mom’s is Oh, Ms. Believer or Trees.

Hopefully, I can convince her to take the both of us to a Twenty One Pilots concert.

Today is my sister’s birthday and she is turning three. We are throwing her a Minnie Mouse themed party. Hopefully, it goes well.

Thanks for reading! Now it’s time for the quote of the day!

Our brains are sick, but that’s okay. -Tyler Joseph

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